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Carry Out Orbing and Zorbing Activities when in Kuala Lumpur


A joyful, usually a family friendly recreational activity, zorbing is a quirky experience where you get to roll inside an inflated, transparent plastic ball (about 10ft in diameter) called an orb. Also called orbing, globe-riding and sphere-ing, the ‘sport’ comes in two varieties (dry and wet orbing) and takes place at MAEPS, Serdang situated beside the Serdang hospital.

The orb appears like a huge hamster ball but instead of hard plastic, it is flexible (very thick bubble wrap), with one ball inside another and an air space between the two: the inner and outer orbs are connected by small nylon strings. The air cushion acts as a shock absorber ensuring that your ride is gentle –especially appreciated during bumpy moments while you are on the roll.

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In Serdang, the zorbing grounds are pretty broad– the dry orbing session takes places on a steep slope, with a track carved into the hillside. As soon as you are strapped in, you get to roll around on a level surface just to get bearings at first – this way allows to stay more in control of the direction and speed of the orb. When we are ‘comfortable’ in the ball, our zorbing operator pushes you down a gentle but still slow racing a slope, causing to experience a hodgepodge of hands and feet!

There are two styles of wet orbing: the first type is pretty similar to dry orbing, except you get a bucket of water thrown into the ball along with you and by the end of downhill roll, you will all be drenched.

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